Guardvant OpGuard

Visitors to GuardVant’s MINExpo booth will be able to demo the OpGuard Operator Fatigue and Alertness Monitoring System on a fully-equipped Liebherr haul truck cab. GuardVant will also demonstrate new advancements in the monitoring technology, including new digital cameras.

The new digital camera increases resolution and quality of images and allows the video to be remotely accessed more easily. Other technology improvements increase the performance and reliability of the system.

The in-cab demonstration is a great way for potential customers to see how the non-intrusive fatigue monitoring system automatically turns on when an operator sits behind the wheel. Visitors can also experience the audible and seat vibration alerts that are part of the system.

To learn more about GuardVant’s products, please visit booth #27015 at MINExpo from 26-28 September 2016.