The Golden Grove Mine site consists of two underground mines, Gossan Hill and Scuddles and a processing facility producing 140,000t of copper, zinc and precious metals in concentrate annually. The mine also operates a 720-room accommodation village for employees and contractors.

MMG Golden Grove mine sites required a new reverse osmosis water treatment plant to replace its previously hired units to ensure sustainable, clean and safe potable water for its mine and its accommodation village.


Siemens provided Minerals & Metals group with two M83 Vantage RO units operating in parallel to provide total supply of 600KL/day (25m³/h) of treated water (permeate) complying with Australian drinking water guidelines.

PTI filters were recommended by Siemens Water Technologies and installed prior to the RO skids and the overall system to produced permeate of TDS less than 500mg/l. DMI-65 media can be used to remove Iron (Fe), Manganese (Mn) and Arsenic to improve membrane life and improved plant availability.

These skids are all factory tested for ease of start-up.


Operating water treatment plant capable of providing 600Kl/day potable water was provided inside a shed for protection from elements. Major ancillaries include two RO skids with CIP clean, two PTI filters, chemical dosing systems, and control panel.