GO Wax Lube, a unique wax lubricant designed to lubricate chains, engineering tools and equipment, as well as industrial, semi-industrial and DIY home woodworking equipment, is constantly excelling in the toughest conditions in Africa.

GO Wax Lube has been available on the Southern African market for the past six years via Johannesburg Stock Exchange-listed BMG Group. The product has shown a strong growth despite competing in a market with traditionally well-established brands. With regular enquiries from around the world, GO is now planning expansion into international markets.

The chain lube is a unique wax emulsion lubricant designed for optimum lubricating performance in most industrial, mining and agricultural chain applications and environments.

The specially formulated wax and additives enables it to handle extreme pressures, while rejecting dirt, over extended lubrication intervals. It is especially effective in environments with a high-density of air-borne dirt and dust such as cement plants, sawmilling, fertiliser plants, mining and agriculture. However, its applications are virtually limitless, including forklift, crane, hoist, conveyor chains, etc. and it is even used effectively in vehicle suspension bushes, door locks, automatic doors, building props.

Its high wax content, solvent-free, formulation ensures the chain runs cleaner in contaminated, heavy-duty environments, while providing exceptional lubrication in the links and rollers. As GO is not sticky and/or oily, it does not attract and hold dirt and contaminants on the chain as is the case with other lubes. Therefore no grinding paste is formed, allowing the chain to run with less friction, increasing performance and extending its working life.

GO Wax Lube also repels water, making it effective in wet applications and reducing corrosion, although it has to be applied in dry conditions.

Another significant benefit is that GO is 100% biodegradable within a 40 to 50 day period. A product is regarded as ‘readily biodegradable’ when in a 28 day test period it biodegrades by between 40% and 60%; GO achieved 75.72%. The company doesn’t believe there is any other product on the market that can make this claim. Together with the fact that there are no solvents of any kind in the lube, GO is truly in a class of its own as regards protecting the environment.

It contains no solvents, is non-flammable and safe to use in areas where aerosols cannot be used. It is naturally non-toxic, cleaner to apply, waste is reduced, and no degreasing is ever required again.

GO Wax Lube’s unique properties have led to it being suitable for certain chain applications that previously could not be lubricated.

BMG is South Africa’s largest industrial distributor and has supplied the local subsidiaries or divisions of international companies ArcelorMittal Steel, Sasol, Sappi and a host of others.

GO Wax Lube is available in the following sizes:

  • 500ml (16.9fl.oz)
  • 5l (169fl.oz)
  • 25l (845.35fl.oz)
  • 180l (47.55gal)

Companies interested in distributing GO can contact Ian Shrosbree at

For more information, please visit the company website.