Flexco recently unveiled the online portion of Flexco University. The online training tool features three levels of courses, online quizzes, and the ability to manage online training groups.

Flexco University features a three-part curriculum that includes on-site and in-class training, combined with online instruction for a well-rounded learning experience.

"Blending different methods of training, resources, and settings allows your employees to be successful in the manner where they learn best," said Kevin Gilfillan, training specialist for Flexco. "So we provide several platforms for learning with Flexco University, the newest being our convenient online training."

The online training tool allows users to register for Flexco University Online and gain access to three levels of courses;100 Level, 200 Level, and 300 Level. Level 100, an introduction to the basics of conveyor systems, belting, and splicing, is immediately available to all users. More advanced users can request access to the 200 and 300 Levels, which feature in-depth reviews of products, installation best practices, troubleshooting, and more.

Each course requires approximately 30min-60min, but can be reviewed at the pace of the student. Online quizzes are also available to test the knowledge gained, and courses can be repeated at any time.

Flexco University can also be used to manage employee training. Custom training groups can be set up and managed, with the ability to assign specific courses to employees or customers, monitor progress and testing results, and export training data to share the results with the rest of the operation.

"With a wide variety of online professional training on belt fasteners, belt maintenance, belt conveyor products, endless splicing tools, and transfer-point solutions, it is easy to choose the mix of classes that works for each operation," Gilfillan said. "Combining online training with the on-site and in-class segments of Flexco University provides thorough learning experiences for new employees and much-needed refreshers for those previously trained."

Log on to for access to Flexco University Online and schedule an interactive 30-minute online user orientation session. For more information on Flexco University, contact your local Flexco representative.