Flexco belt

Flexco has announced its plans to exhibit at the MINEXPO® 2016 show.

Flexco will be addressing splicing, cleaning, tracking, belt slippage, and material transfer needs at booth 10,000 in the Silver Lot.

Attendees can visit the Flexco booth for hands-on, interactive experiences with new Flexco products, as well as programmes designed to improve belt conveyor productivity and efficiency.

Flexco will be displaying the breadth of its product offering, demonstrating how everything, from improved maintenance tools to new belt conveyor products, works in conjunction with each other for optimal system performance.

Among the products on display will be the new Extreme Duty Precleaner, the largest, most rugged precleaner in the Flexco offering. The precleaner is ideal for use in copper, coal, iron oil, and oil sands applications, and is designed for belts 42in to 120in wide, with pulley diameters 48in and up.

The Extreme Duty Precleaner is designed with a three-piece pole, making it easier to transport to the head pulley and install, and is available with 6in and 12in wide blade segments for varied material paths.

The recently-introduced PTEZ™ Belt Trainer will also be at the show, allowing customers to get a hands-on feel for the high-performance tracking idler. Designed with the Flexco "Pivot and Tilt" feature without the use of sensor rolls, the new PTEZ belt trainer may be used in any application that requires tracking to prevent damage to the belt or conveyor structure, including single-direction and reversing belts.

Flexco will also be exhibiting a variety of other products in the booth, including two new additions to its line of load zone solutions; Modular Impact Beds and Urethane Skirting.

The Flexco booth will be staffed by product experts eager to answer questions and demo products. Experienced Flexco team members will be available to discuss the entire system and help attendees identify challenges and ways to increase the efficiency and productivity of their operations.

Flexco is able to address almost any conveyor challenge, from slippage and spillage, to mistracking and wear and tear, to safety and environmental concerns. Even after a belt is up and running, Flexco stays involved to ensure that its products are delivering the top-notch performance needed for maximum productivity.

For more information on how Flexco can maximise belt conveyor productivity, visit Flexco booth 10,000 in the Silver lot at MINEXPO 2016, or visit the Flexco website.