Flexco is pleased to introduce its new Flex-Lag® Medium Ceramic Pulley Lagging and Flex-Lag® Adhesives. The Medium Ceramic Pulley Lagging features 39% tile coverage, which complements the existing Full Ceramic and Diamond Ceramic, which provide 80% and 15% coverage, respectively. Adhesives, with a two-part cold-bond system, round out the Flexco offering by providing the bonding system to complete the lagging installation.

Flex-Lag Medium Ceramic Pulley Lagging can be utilized in dry, wet, or muddy applications where slippage can occur, while also offering the excellent wear life of ceramic tiles at an affordable cost. The horizontal grooves in the lagging trap and deflect water/debris, while the molded ceramic buttons grip the belt’s underside for positive traction and no slippage. The lagging comes in strip widths ranging from 35" (880mm) to 101" (2,560mm) to match pulley face widths or 18" (450mm) to 84" (2100mm) to match belt widths and convenient sizes help eliminate waste during installation. The lagging works with pulley diameters over 12.6" (320mm) and is also available in SBR or FRAS (Fire Resistant Anti Static) rubber.

Flex-Lag Adhesives provide an excellent bond for rubber-to-rubber and rubber-to-metal installations. The adhesive and activator mix is based on a 1:1 can-to-bottle ratio to help with simplified ordering, stocking, and preparation for installation. The primer features a neoprene additive to enhance bonding strength when paired with the adhesive. Flex-Lag Adhesives are also environmentally friendly, comprised of a polychloroprene rubber in a solvent base that is free of chlorinated hydrocarbons (CFCs).

To help with specification, Flexco has also enhanced its online Lagging Calculator to include Flex-Lag Adhesives. Once in the calculator, select the lagging type, enter the pulley diameter, face width, and number of pulleys in either imperial or metric units. After clicking calculate, the return values indicate how many rolls/strips are required of the selected lagging as well as the quantity of adhesive, activator, and primer needed to complete that installation. The calculator can be found at

Flexco offers pulley lagging for a wide variety of applications. For more information on the lagging offering from Flexco, or any other products or services, log on to