FELUWA Pumps are pleased to announce that they will be exhibiting at Paste Conference, to be held in Sun City, Pilansberg, South Africa, from 16-19 April 2012. A lecture will be held as part of the conference programme, focusing on advanced diaphragm pumps with unique technical and commercial quality rating for operating pressures up to 500 bar.

Hydraulically actuated double hose-diaphragm pumps offer decisive advantages compared to traditional piston diaphragm pumps. They use a pair of tubular hose-diaphragms, which are arranged one inside the other and fully enclose the conveyed fluid. Unlike peristaltic hose pumps, double hose-diaphragms are not subject to mechanical squeezing, but actuated by the piston by means of a hydraulic fluid.

They provide smooth linear flow and unique redundant sealing between the wet and drive end. Even in the event that one of the hose-diaphragms fails, the second diaphragm ensures that the product doesn’t come into contact with the pump casing, nor with the hydraulic drive area. The pump casing has no need to be manufactured from expensive special materials impervious to the slurry.

Cylindrically shaped pump casings not only offer a considerably smaller footprint than circularly shaped flat diaphragm casings, but also ensure higher rigidity, which allows for working pressures of up to 500 bar at excellent hydraulic efficiency. The small footprint of double hose-diaphragm pumps is particularly advantageous for underground mine applications, allowing for considerably reduced excavation cost.