Newmont Ghana has selected GuardVant’s fatigue monitoring, proximity detection and collision avoidance systems for its operating gold mines Akyem and Ahafo. By combining these safety technologies, Newmont expects a decrease in safety incidents and operating costs, as well as an increase in equipment availability.

Operator fatigue and close proximity areas of reduced operator visibility, or blind spots, are widely recognised as two of the leading causes of mining accidents involving mining equipment.

"By combining fatigue monitoring, close proximity detection and collision avoidance, Newmont Ghana is combatting two very common safety issues at mines," said Emmanuel Kwame Attifu, IT country manager for Newmont Ghana. "These systems prevent accidents and the data generated also enables managers to implement operational changes and develop employee programmes that further reduce the number of accidents. The reduction in accidents also positively impacts equipment availability and productivity."

Kwame added, "After an intensive evaluation of solutions, GuardVant was selected as the most desirable solution for the African region based on the maturity of the system in terms of its functionalities, scalability, reliability and reporting structure."

The OpGuard Operator Fatigue and Alertness Monitoring System uses a non-intrusive infrared camera to monitor the operator’s eye closure and head movements for signs of fatigue and distraction, and alerts them when signs of fatigue are detected. OpGuard automatically turns on when a haul truck is in operation, which helps operators easily and consistently adopt the technology.

Newmont Ghana selected both ProxGuard and CollisionGuard to reduce close-proximity accidents caused by blind spots. ProxGuard uses long and short-range radars and video to detect objects in close proximity. The in-cab video screen immediately displays the view when a sensor detects an object within its range. CollisionGuard uses GPS and peer-to-peer communication to display the relative position of any equipment outfitted with CollisionGuard on the in-cab monitor. As a result of implementing these safety solutions, the operator’s situational awareness of other heavy equipment, light vehicles, and pedestrians will improve and increase.

Newmont is one of the world’s leading gold producers and has approximately 28,000 employees and contractors across the world. Newmont Mining Corporation has 12 mines and exploration projects across Africa, Asia, Australia, North America and South America. The Akyem operation produces 473,000 ounces of gold annually and employs over 1,400 employees and contractors. The Ahafo operation produces 332,000oz of gold annually and employs over 3,500 employees and contractors