Austin Engineering, the leading global designer and manufacturer of engineered mining products, has officially added the Hitachi EX8000-6 excavator bucket (backhoe configuration) to its excavator product range.

The design model has been verified by FEA analysis in-keeping with Austin Engineering’s practice of testing and verifying engineering theory. The in-depth engineering process provides results in productivity improvements and maintenance cost controls.

The bucket is designed within the OEM recommended maximum envelope, including correct boom stick geometry, boom and stick clearance, cab and deck structure clearance, and maximum suspended load. End users can be assured that there will be no warranty implications with their machine.

Austin Engineering custom engineer each mining bucket, taking into consideration application specific requirements such as loading practices, material density and abrasiveness, potential for hang-up and dump height clearances.

Image: Front-end and underside views of the EX8000 bucket design. Photo: courtesy of Austin Engineering.