A new trend of deep sea and high depth dredging and exploration is emerging in the dredging market. Deep sea exploration represents both a development possibility, and a huge technical challenge, where critical hyperbaric conditions, remote control and maintenance amends play an important role.

Dragflow can face this challenge, answering to every customers requests, due to a decennial experience in this field and combined with a never ending R&D – an effort that made Dragflow a leader in the deep sea exploration and high depth dredging.

Dragflow can now produce not only dredging pumps but also hydraulic excavators for high working depth, complete of pressure compensator and tailor made Dragflow hydraulic power-pack.

With a strongly tailor made customization, Dragflow is ready to answer to every customers requests, challenging the technical limits and reaching your goals.

Cast histories

Reference: SAIPEM

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Working context: Remove sand and silt around the platform

Description: Off shore platform, deep sea and high depth dredging.


  • Hydraulic dredging pump HY35 with pressure compensator
  • N.2 hydraulic cutters EXHY20 for high depth
  • Dragflow hydraulic power-pack based on diesel engine
  • Working depth: 120m

Reference: DIRILLO DAM

Location: Sicilia – Italy

Working context: Remove sand and silt

Description: ENI Project: High depth dredging project Diga Dirillo, Sicilia, Italy


  • Easy assembling by pins
  • Quick power pack start-up by oil hoses fast connections
  • HY300 dredging pump coupled with EXHY35 excavators
  • Moving by winches (propeller on request)
  • 40 m dredging depth
  • Fuel consumption: 80l per hour
  • Delivery distance 800-900 m
  • Solid production: 300 m3/h
  • Task performed in four months