For more than 25 years, Dragflow has been manufacturing and marketing pumps, dredges and equipment for the mining sector.

Dragflow has cooperated many times with the leading companies in the mining, energy and oil sectors, which have cemented the brand, placing it in a relevant position on the market. The expertise gained throughout a quarter century, allowed Dragflow to consolidate a know-how, which is today recognised as a beacon of excellence in the mining industry.

The recognition received and the growing success pushes Dragflow to continue its research on state of the art technologies, in order to provide high-quality, functional and diversified products. The main goal of Dragflow is that to meet the increasing requirements of the mining industry, which demands to upgrade the equipment according to the always more complicated and extreme work conditions, as the necessity to operate at pH levels between two and ten or in extremely deep sea beds.

Knowhow, research and development are good premises to obtain a top quality end product, but technology is not enough! Ambitious goals require great dedication in understanding the specific requirements of the clients. For this reason Dragflow provides customised solutions, which are perfectly compatible with the requirements of the contractor or mining company. Dragflow supports the client in the concept of the adequate instrument, from the 2D/3D preview to the delivery and start-up phase with the end user.

All Dragflow appliances are designed, manufactured and tested in the Italian production site, near Verona. Here, all quality tests are carried out, in order to ensure the suitability and functionality of the end product to the contractor, such as the tests of materials used in the foundry, to obtain perfect evenness from all the castings. The constant quality level and duration of Dragflow equipment is guaranteed by ISO9001 certificate.

The distribution network is widespread and the customer care service is entrusted to professionals and expert technicians, in order to ensure the contractor reference, pre and post sales technical support and maintenance (if required), which is normally minimised thanks to the special materials used that increase the pump and all Dragflow products lifespan and minimise the risk of damage due to wear.

Professionalism, care for environment and compliance with costs are the elements that drove the managers of the leading mining companies to choose Dragflow as reliable partner for their activities. Because Dragflow succeeds where others fail, optimising energy costs, use of materials and environmental impact.