dragflow cutterhead

Dragflow ‘s new cutterhead (DTM85) is a huge success. The company recently delivery another unit (DTM85 with hydraulic pump HY85B), for a sand production project in Pakistan. Dragflow was able to provide the equipment in just five days from time of the request.

The client was really satisfied with the production and the efficiency.

The Dragflow dredge cutterhead is a custom-engineered system that can increase efficiency, particularly in the presence of hard and compact material.

Dragflow ‘s dredging specialists carefully analyse customer requirements and operating conditions to arrive at the design criteria: cutter profile, size, beta, arm quantity and shape, tooth size, tooth orientation. What is more, the combination of the cutterhead with the agitator avoids any clogging problem at the pump suction.

Dragflow is now developing DTM so it can also be used with Dragflow’s hydraulic pumps HY300 and HY400. It is possible to use Dragflow cutterhead in combination with jet ring, to obtain an even better performance.

To watch a video of the Dragflow cutterhead DTM in action, please visit the company website.

Image: Dragflow cutterhead operating at a sand production application. Photo: courtesy of Dragflow.