Delkor is supplying two 100m diameter thickeners for Iron Ore Tailings and two 20m diameter thickeners for iron ore concentrate for their upcoming 4.1 MTPA integrated Pellet plant at Nashwausk which is approximately 24 km west of Hibbing, Minnesota, USA.

The project called for innovative engineering solutions for 100m diameter thickeners to cater for the installation and working conditions where the minimum air design temperature is – 29 deg C.

The scope of work includes design, engineering, manufacture supply of equipments which have to operate at sub zero temperatures.

The 100m diameter thickeners are the largest thickener order placed on Delkor India to date and has a challenging delivery time of 9 months. The supplies are on schedule to be completed by August 2011.

The thickeners will be fitted with the latest Delkor drives designed by Delkor America and Delkor’s unique feed well design which allows high dilution volumes, efficient mixing and it incorporates scum recovery system.