Provider of innovative mining technology Guardvant Inc. has received orders for its OpGuard operator fatigue and alertness monitoring system and the ProxGuard collision awareness system, from South Africa’s largest diamond producer, De Beers Group of Companies at Venetia mine, as well as at the first major new diamond mine to be opened in South Africa, the De Beers Voorspoed mine.

Safety is a core value of De Beers and its parent company Anglo American, and they are committed to a ‘zero harm’ vision. The deployment of the Guardvant technology supports Anglo’s safety ‘journey model’ on the road to fulfill this vision.

Guardvant CEO Sergio Blacutt said: "Guardvant is committed to providing reliable technology to support Anglo American’s goal of ‘zero harm’, and work with our customers to customise the system to their needs."

Suite of mining technology solutions

Guardvant’s suite of products improves safety in the mining environment while increasing productivity of operators through on-board applications for fatigue monitoring and collision avoidance. When combined, OpGuard and ProxGuard, which are installed on heavy equipment and light vehicle fleets, provide fatigue monitoring and improve the equipment operator’s situational awareness. The Guardvant Mobile Server on-board computer and Guardvant Mobile Router communications platform provide flexible options to streamline installation and use of multiple on-board applications regardless of the application brand.