CiDRA Oilsands has announced that a significant milestone has been met with the successful commissioning of over 1,000 HALO® pipe wear measurement and characterization systems.

HALO SMARTring technology and service, the leading automated pipe wear measurement tool and service in the oil sands industry, overcomes the deficiencies of traditional, manual ultrasonic methods for measuring pipe wall wear. CiDRA leverages its sonar and signal processing expertise to provide timely, accurate, repeatable pipe wear measurements and other relevant pipeline information and wear characteristics.

The SMARTring pipe wear measurement tool clamps around the outside of the pipe and remains installed throughout the life of the pipe. On larger diameter pipes, the SMARTring solution features twelve measurement locations, equally spaced around the pipe. ‘On-demand’, a CiDRA technician connects a ‘smart’ handheld reader-processor to each SMARTring sensor band and records all twelve measurements simultaneously. Because measurement of all twelve points can be made virtually in seconds, tens of thousands of points on hydrotransport and coarse tailings slurry pipelines can be frequently measured, and repeatedly and reliably tracked, thereby enhancing predictive modeling and action by pipeline and asset reliability teams. The system is certified for use in Ordinary Locations and Class 1 Div 2 environments.

"This milestone reflects CiDRA’s ongoing commitment to our customers in Ft. McMurray," says Perry McKechnie, director of operations, CiDRA Oilsands. "HALO represents just one of CiDRA’s many investments in innovative solutions that help support the production uptime and operating efficiency initiatives of our customer-partners."

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