CiDRA Minerals Processing Inc. ("CiDRA") announced that it has entered into a strategic sales representative agreement with Classic Controls Inc. based in Lakeland, Florida. Under the terms of the agreement, Classic Controls will act as an exclusive sales representative of CiDRA’s array-based flow monitoring systems for minerals processing applications in Florida and South Georgia.

Classic Controls has been providing expert sales and service to their customers for 22 years. The addition of CiDRA’s SONARtrac® line of systems will fit well with their strong presence in instrumentation and automation systems, providing their customers with a robust, accurate and maintenance free volumetric flow solution. "Classic Controls’ experience and reputation bringing value added equipment to the mining industry, is a perfect fit for CiDRA, and we look forward to forming a strong, long lasting partnership," says Joseph Poplawski, Sales Manager with CiDRA Minerals Processing Inc.

Monitoring flow through the minerals process can be difficult as the slurry is abrasive and can cause maintenance issues or unplanned shut downs. CiDRA’s array-based systems have been designed specifically for applications like these. The non-intrusive, clamp-on design of CiDRA’s array-based system enables slurry flows to be accurately measured without process down time or costly maintenance issues. In addition, CiDRA’s systems can measure the level of entrained air within slurry providing the capability to improve specific gravity measurements and thus improve mass flow measurements. Processing plants around the world are utilizing the SONARtrac® systems to gain process efficiencies and to provide pipeline leak detection on tailings and slurry lines.