cidra cyclone

CiDRA Minerals Processing Inc. announces the CYCLONEtracSM classification optimisation family of products, which are novel, complete turnkey systems that enable reliable optimisation of classification at the individual hydrocyclone level.

Both the CYCLONEtrac oversised monitoring system (OSM) and CYCLONEtrac particle size tracking system (PST) provide reliable, real-time coarse particle monitoring and particle size tracking on individual hydrocylones.

These systems enable plant operators to reduce process upsets, improve closed circuit grind and classification and maximise mineral recovery. The CYCLONEtrac systems are truly ground-breaking as they enable long-term sustainable continuous improvement strategies improving and maintaining plant recovery.

The CYCLONEtrac OSM system is based on a non-invasive clamp-on sensing ring designed for use in primary grinding. The system monitors the flow of coarse particles less than or equal to 6mm (pebbles) reporting to the overflow pipes of individual hydrocyclones, which indicates poor classification performance. The value of this technology lies in enabling operators, or automated control systems, to take immediate action to avoid prolonged periods of lower recovery through the early detection and isolation of pebble events.

The CYCLONEtrac PST system is based on a clamp-on design with a sensor that is in contact with the slurry that has been designed for primary grinding. The PST system tracks a key particle size parameter (e.g. P80, % +150um) of individual hydrocyclone overflow streams. This real-time feedback can be used to control a closed circuit grind process such that the desired particle size reports to the downstream flotation process, thus maximising plant recovery. The CYCLONEtrac PST system is the only system of its kind available today. The value of this technology lies in its ability to track the particle size of the entire overflow stream in real time, thereby enabling improved mineral recovery while maintaining or increasing plant throughput.

CYCLONEtrac systems have been designed to provide operators with actionable information that can be used to increase plant throughput, recovery and equipment availability. CiDRA offers these systems as complete solutions so that operators can focus on bringing sustainable value to their enterprise.

CiDRA is a technology development company and solutions provider that develops new technologies and services for the minerals processing industry that bring a ‘step change’ to the state of the art. The primary area of focus is in increasing throughput and recovery, maximising process availability and reducing maintenance costs.

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