Independent trials were conducted by a Perth Quarry to determine the accuracy of the C-Gap against traditionally used lead weights. The results were positive over the tested CSS range of 8mm to 18mm, with the C-Gap consistently within +/-1mm of the lead weight.

Additional trials at a large Australian copper / gold mine also led to the primary crusher CSS being reduced from 120mm to 95mm due to the ability to accurately determine the CSS on a shift basis. This allowed the CSS to be reduced closer to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) recommended setting, rather than continue to operate with a significantly larger safety buffer. By reducing the CSS, the crusher was able to be choke fed and resulted in a reduction in product size, and ultimately a 5% increase in mill throughput.

To date a total of 21 C-Gap units have been sold to ten countries, covering a wide range of commodities and crushers; ranging from 6mm CSS scats crushers to 220mm CSS gyratory’s on 30m hoses to large scale iron ore mines.

Mintap has set up distribution in South America, and is currently assessing opportunities in North America and Africa to gain further exposure to these markets and further improve customer service.