One of the world’s largest oil exploration and production companies, has now equipped its offshore supply base in Stavanger, Norway with the IDENTEC SOLUTIONS active RFID-based WATCHERLogistics solution. This offshore base is now a ‘closed loop’ when it comes to movements of CCUs´ in and out the offshore base, as well as shipping of goods to and from oil platforms and other installations in the North Sea.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS has automated all CCU movements inbound to, and outbound from, this offshore base, which provides real-time registration and logistics information to the end user ERP system. This significantly increases the utilisation rate of CCUs’, and provides increased visualisation of CCUs´ whereabouts. Simultaneously, the position of CCUs are registered at the base by the IDENTEC SOLUTIONS forklift application, so the right CCU can easily be located before shipping which saves the company valuable handling costs and time spent searching for specific CCUs.

In partnership with the customer, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS has developed a customized ‘worklist’ application, which generates a list of tasks to be carried out before the CCUs can leave the base and be loaded on to supply vessels. CCU information such as weight, inventory, certifications, tenancy, destination, and other important details necessary to guarantee smooth operations are registered in the solution.

By choosing the IDENTEC SOLUTIONS WATCHERLogistics asset management solution, the company has become a market leader in efficient CCU handling, significantly lowering their logistics expenses and reducing error rates in an ever more competitive environment. Furthermore, the full overview of CCU movements is provided to the company´s own suppliers to proactively ensure a lean end-to-end supply chain.