Leading suspension and shovel components manufacturer Miner Elastomer Products has released a new brochure on the Mining Technology website.

Miner Elastomer Products is a manufacturer of high-quality suspension and shovel components for the mining industry.

These haul truck suspensions and shovel components use TecsPak® technology as the basis for significant improvement in product lifecycle and lower cost of operation. TecsPak is a proven energy-absorbing material designed to meet demanding performance requirements in an array of applications.

The company’s range of products and services is included in the brochure, with sections such as:

  • Shovel components
  • Heavy-duty steering stop pads and haul truck wheel chocks
  • Haul truck suspensions and crowd cushion assemblies
  • Oil well drilling accessories

Please download this free brochure from the Miner Elastomer white paper section to find out more.