Boliden senior district geologist Roger Nordin commented on the company’s relationship with drilling specialist KATI Oy. Nordin said:

Boliden has a long-standing relationship with Oy KATI ab in the Aitik area. Boliden has been using KATI as its drill contractor in and around Aitik since 2004.

Drilling has been carried out around the year under difficult conditions out in the field and in the Aitik mine, often next to areas that are being actively mined.

Boliden values the long-standing relation that we have developed with KATI over the years, as well as KATI’s professional attitude, it’s systematically high productivity, and the customer-orientated approach that KATI has towards drilling.

We are really pleased with our long-standing relationship with KATI, which is a really high-performing professional drilling company. We value the mutual understanding of each others’ needs, that have developed over the nine consecutive drill seasons that we have been working together.