SA Manufacturer of Mineral Analysers Blue Cube Systems Expands Global Distribution Network

South African manufacturer of in-line real-time mineral analysers Blue Cube Systems has appointed distributors in the Middle East, Central Asia, and South America, adding to its global distributor network. The company recently exhibited their products in Moscow and Santiago, and will also exhibit in Canada within the next two months.

A sales office in Kitwe services Zambia, and Blue Cube Systems Australia has been registered in Queensland to serve operations in Australasia. Munix has been appointed to market the Blue Cube MQi range in Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. New contacts in this region are showing strong interest.

Santiago-based Proteco Chile has been appointed marketing agent to cover Chile, Argentina and Peru. In Canada, Blue Cube will be exhibiting at the CIM 2012 exhibition to be held at the South African Pavilion in Edmonton, Canada, from 6 to 8 May.

RED of Turkey has been appointed to cover the Middle East countries, and already an enquiry from a major metallurgical project is under adjudication.

The Blue Cube MQi technology meets the need for rapid data acquisition by process control systems. To optimise the mineral beneficiation performance of modern plants, Some Blue Cube MQi models can be installed in the slurry lines typically found in flotation plants, while others are built for dry streams such as in dry magnetic or electrostatic separator circuits. The MQi Hydromet can be installed in a liquid stream to measure minerals in solution. Response times for all models are typically less than 20 seconds.

All Blue Cube MQi units come with an Internet link to facilitate remote calibration, diagnostics and to upload program updates. Apart from collecting samples for calibration, no human intervention is required to acquire the data stream. A reasonably priced product support service includes remote calibration and an extended warranty for all core technology components.