The Hydrosmart Poolmaster uses a series of computer-generated resonance frequencies to break bonds between minerals and chemicals present in the water. As Poolmaster reduces dependence on chemicals, less calcium carbonate buffer and less acid is required. Accordingly the pH is more easily balanced, and more free chlorine is available. Significantly less chlorine in the form of hypochlorite (NaOCl) is needed. Poolmaster prevents scale from forming and removes existing scale and biofilms from equipment that is in contact with the water flow. Pumps, filters, and pool heating elements work more efficiently and use less energy. Equipment lasts longer, requires less maintenance and less consumables.

Saltwater pools

Poolmaster’s resonance frequencies break bonds between minerals and chemicals present in saltwater. Less calcium carbonate or acid buffer is required, and Hydrosmart recommends that the TDS of pool water be kept down in combination with Poolmaster. Under these conditions pH is more easily balanced, and more free chlorine is available. Poolmaster does not replace a salt cell electrolytic chlorinator, the two technologies are complementary and compatible. While salt cells generate free chlorine, Poolmaster increases the availability of that free chlorine.

How it works

Under the influence of Poolmaster, large mineral particles become unstable and are reduced to sub 4 micron particles. The flow assumes the properties of softened water without the use of chemicals. Large particles in the water normally absorb or scatter light, making the water look murky, whereas tiny particles allow the light to pass through largely uninterrupted. Algae can normally grow on large particles, but with Poolmaster they lose their growing base and proliferation is reduced. Due to particle size reduction and reduced algal load, pool water becomes clearer and the water surface acquires a glassy sheen.

Use backwash to water lawns and gardens

Due to lower levels of chemicals and chlorides in the filtered backwash you can now use the reject stream from your freshwater pool to water lawns and plants. In some cases a second system may be recommended on the reject line to ensure sufficient treatment of the irrigation flow to enable healthy plant irrigation. Currently almost all pool water goes down the drains, now it can go on gardens, instead of out to sea.

Scale removal

The HYDROSMART resonance frequencies in Poolmaster change large crystals into tiny particles, providing you with soft water that feels better and is much clearer. Large mineral crystals are unable to build and scale formation is controlled. The effects of resonance treatment remain active in the water for up to five days and progressively remove any scale that has already formed in the pipes and equipment connected to the flow, prolonging their life and reducing energy and repair bills.

Odour control and skin benefits

Due to removal of scale, biofilms containing algae, moulds, fungi and bacteria are controlled. This provides a healthier pool environment, reducing odours and lowering cleaning and maintenance. Chlorine odours are significantly reduced, and swimmers hair is less susceptible to bleaching. Eczma sufferers report less irritation of the skin and less rashes that are due to chemicals.

pH stabilization by reductions in buffer use

A beneficial effect of the Poolmaster system is the stabilization of pH, thus reducing or completely eliminating the need for pH balancing chemicals altogether. Poolmaster reduces the amount of chemical needed, and if used as recommended reduces or eliminates nasty chlorine smells.

Health benefits

Removing scale, from equipment and tiled surfaces eliminates the growing base for algae, fungi (moulds) and bacteria. By reducing the amount of chlorine added, swimmers don’t get red eyes or crawling skin, and their hair is softer and unmatted. All tiles and surfaces in contact with treated water stay cleaner, and the water is healthier as there are fewer chemicals to swim in.


Installing Poolmaster leads to more effective interactions between forms of chlorine, and respective pool buffers. Dont let the pool control you, control the pool. PhD qualified scientists have investigated the physical effects of the technology behind poolmaster. Pools are a perfect application of resonance water treatment, targeting the dipole of water molecules as well as dissolved components such as free chlorine and buffers.

Savings generated

Savings in pool buffer calcium carbonate, acid and chlorine are usually between 15% and 70%, depending on the pool set up and water quality being treated (mains or bore).