Anglo American Sakatti Mining chairman Jim Coppard released a statement on KATI Oy’s work with the company, which said:

I would like to express my confidence in the drilling abilities of Oy KATI Ab.

This confidence is built-up through the experience of using KATI over a number of years, in fact, over the last two years KATI has drilled in excess of 20,000m for Anglo American Exploration Finland using an innovative ‘closed system drilling’ technique.

Anglo American Exploration Finland will be significantly expanding the use of KATI’s drilling services over the forthcoming years.
The quality of equipment and the highly positive attitude displayed at all times to improve, by KATI, has lead to the company being awarded the Anglo American Exploration Group’s Safe Discovery Award for 2012 in the Innovation category.

I have always been impressed at the health and safety philosophy of KATI, with a clear vision at all times to improve the already good safety record. We have worked closely together in all aspects of safe diamond drilling and KATI is now a ‘preferred contractor’ to Anglo American Exploration Finland.