Flexible and affordable licenses are central to the new campaign introduced by Hexagon Mining to appeal to the aggregates and industrial minerals sector of the mining industry.

Industrial minerals typically represent smaller operations mining for non-metallic deposits such as granite, sand, and cement. In contrast to the economic downturn affecting much of the mining industry, construction is rebounding in many parts of the globe, buoying the industrial minerals sector.

New exploration licenses and standalone solutions will make it easier for smaller operations to access MineSight, the powerful mine planning suite for which Hexagon Mining is known worldwide.

  • HxM Explorer delivers CAD and surface modelling tools for building implicit surfaces and solids directly from drillhole data.
  • HxM Modeller is designed for the office-based explorer tasked with building a comprehensive block model and analysing data gathered in the field campaign.
  • Standalone Blast: By integrating departments that previously had little to no improvement mechanisms, HxM Blast allows you to monitor and adjust a blast from design through to implementation.
  • Standalone Atlas: MineSight Atlas is a complete package for manual scheduling and stockpile management. It provides a resource-based, true calendar approach to scheduling, and manages all material movement and reclaim.
  • Standalone Schedule Optimiser: MineSight Schedule Optimiser (MSSO) will determine the optimum solution that obeys constraints, while maximising your objective. MSSO finds the optimum schedule in one or many periods that achieve the objective, while satisfying comprehensive product quality and quantity requirements, as well as physical and technical constraints. The standalone version will allow you to import geometry from a third-party system, define the constraints, run the optimisation, and report the results.

New licenses and standalone solutions mean smaller mines can now integrate the most powerful solutions on the market into their workflow, even if they don’t own a full version of MineSight. Standalone versions allow you to import data from a non-MineSight system, calculate results, and then export that data to another system.