Colibrys has announced the release of its new MS9005, a ±5g range MEMS accelerometer, to complement its existing family of ±2g and ±10g products targeted primarily at attitude heading and reference systems (AHRS) applications.

Developers of AHRS using Colibrys accelerometers will benefit from this new product as an alternative to the existing selection of products, the traditional Colibrys-MS9002 and MS9010 sensors dedicated to standard AHRS and the latest world’s best open-loop RS9010 accelerometer dedicated to mid range requirements.

“The MS9005 offers optimal accelerometer performance for applications that operate in medium level vibration and shock environment but where absolute bias and scale factor stability and reduced vibration rectification error are valued,” says Jean-Michel Stauffer, VP sales and marketing at Colibrys. “Typical examples of AHRS integrating Colibrys’ accelerometers are airplanes, helicopters and UAV as well as backup systems on large aircraft and small jets. This new product strengthens Colibrys’ position as the world leading supplier of MEMS accelerometers for AHRS applications.”

The new product benefits from the specialised knowledge and application experience of Colibrys accelerometers in terms of reliability for harsh environments and safety critical applications.