Colibrys (Switzerland) has appointed Treffer Technologias as Brazilian distributor for its complete range of MEMS motion sensors.

Brazil and South America more widely is recognised as a new and growing market for motion sensors in a wide variety of military/aerospace, energy and industrial applications. Treffer Technologias is well-renowned in Brazil and has extensive experience in high-tech applications. This collaboration will put Colibrys in an ideal position to offer the right products and right level of services to the fast-growing Brazilian and South American markets.

“We see increasing demands from South America for motion sensors dedicated to harsh-environment and safety-critical applications. Partnering with Treffer is the best solution to offer our customers a local source of supply with a responsive and proactive knowledgeable technical support,” says Jean-Michel Stauffer, VP of sales and marketing at Colibrys (Switzerland).

“Our partnership with Colibrys will provide us the opportunity to offer our customers some of the world’s state-of-the-art motion sensors, thus guaranteeing an improvement of accuracy, reliability and overall market value for their future applications,” commented Victor Sterzik, CEO of Treffer Technologias.