The launch of ENDETEC, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies’ (VWS) subsidiary and new global sensor platform, will be showcased at the annual convention of the American Water Works Association in Chicago, from 20 to 24 June 2010.

During the event, ENDETEC will prelaunch its new state-of-the-art TECTA™ B16® rapid microbial detection instrument for E.Coli and total coliforms, as well as its all-in-one TECTA test cartridge, the most rapid detection method available on the market.

ENDETEC represents another milestone in VWS continued pledge to ensure safe water integrity, with its KAPTA™ line of multi-functional sensors; and the
TECTA range of rapid microbial detection products and technologies.

“Globalisation and the increasingly competitive world we live in force people to manage their time more effectively. Our customers are asking for more rapid tests, more automation, and less subjective interpretation in their microbial detection program” said David Dolphin, managing director at ENDETEC. “Our TECTA B16 instrument and TECTA all-in-one combined E.Coli/total coliforms test represent
the biggest leap in technology advancement in our field in 20 years. With its real-time monitoring capabilities, our system provides early warning detection in case of an adverse event, providing drinking water operators all over the world with peace of mind and time to react.”

The province of Ontario, Canada, always at the forefront of safe water technologies has recently approved the TECTA system as an accredited method for drinking water operations with E.Coli and total coliforms testing.