The prestigious undertaking began this year in February and is carried out by nine partners from Germany, Finland, Norway, Spain, Israel and Poland (EMAG is the only Polish partner in this group).

“The ValueSec is to develop a decision support tool on security,” explains Andrzej Bialas, PhD, EMAG’s project manager. It will serve institutions which take up strategic planning on security within such domains as: citizens’ security, crisis management, public administration, health, banking and insurance, critical infrastructure protection (fuels, energy, communication and transport), generally in all domains where security is essential. It will allow to analyse social and economical costs and benefits connected with security measures used in Europe.

The ValueSec is related to the area where there are often clashes of interests between decision making entities, technology providers and citizens’ interests.

The undertaking is to support the process of decision making in such a way that the applied security measures will be in accordance with the interests of all participants of the process to a higher extent than now.

For that reason the support of security decisions will be based on the cost-benefits analysis (CBA), taking into consideration non-economic aspects (social, cultural and ethical).