VISTA Training has launched two new training modules as part of its growing, cost effective Silver Series: Heavy Equipment – Intro & Safety and Heavy Equipment – Pre-Use Inspection. These web-based training modules are designed to help educate trainees who are new to the fields of construction and mining, and are prerequisites for the rest of the modules in the Silver Series.

The Silver Series gives equipment owners convenient access to task-focused training on many types of heavy machinery, on demand. These affordable modules are designed to help trainees to become proficient and safe equipment operators, and make it easy for equipment owners to schedule training when and where it’s most convenient for them. They’re also ideal for smaller companies that may only need to train a handful of new operators per year.

Heavy equipment – intro and safety

Heavy Equipment – Intro & Safety familiarizes trainees with key types of heavy equipment most often used on mine sites and large construction projects, discusses key principles of work site safety and recommended practices for start-up and shut down of heavy equipment. This module covers seven types of heavy machinery, including:

  • Crawler dozers
  • Hydraulic excavators
  • Motor graders
  • Wheel loaders
  • Rear dump rigid frame haul trucks
  • Articulated frame haul trucks
  • Hydraulic face shovels

In this module, trainees also learn about a variety of work site safety principles, including due diligence, engineered and administrative controls, personal protective equipment and tagging out equipment.

Heavy equipment – pre-use inspection

This new training module teaches trainees a practical process to perform a pre-use inspection, which can be applied to all seven of the machine types presented in the Heavy Equipment – Intro & Safety training module. This hour-long session explains why it’s important to perform a pre-use inspection, the key components common to most heavy equipment and the types of checks required on each one. Key topics in this module include:

  • Claiming the machine
  • How to perform a thorough and consistent inspection
  • Engine system inspection
  • Hydraulic and fluid mechanical component inspection
  • Drive line components
  • Checking high stress areas of the machine’s frame
  • Inspecting tracks, tires and brakes
  • Fire protection systems

To learn more about the new Silver Series of computer-based safety training modules from VISTA Training, please visit the VISTA website.