Voith Turbo, Start-up Components, prepared an new release of a brochure describing “Constant-fill fulid couplings with valve control”.

Valve-controlled fluid couplings (type designations TVF, TVVF, TVVFS) are available in a wide range of designs and ratings to meet the requirements of customers all over the world.

The couplings are particularly suited for the following drive systems:

– Sophisticated electric drives with high power demand or in case of insufficient power supply systems

– Drives that require good motor relief in cases where start-ups are repeated in quick succession

– Diesel-engine drives with systems-inherent low acceleration capacity

The most common applications are in armoured-face conveyor drives in the 50 to 450 kW output range.

The new brochure will provide you with further information about the advantages and the operation of “TVF couplings”. You can download it from the internet in PDF-format, or order hard copies.