Mine Radio Systems (MRS), the global leader in advanced communication and safety solutions for confined spaces,
has announced that Sobieski coal mine in Poland has completed the installation of an MRS MultiCOM underground intelligence solution for 10km of the 50km long mine.

MRS, along with its value-added partner CT-REX, has now successfully installed communication and safety solutions for eight mines in Poland.

“We are excited about this installation,” said Ken Morrell, president of MRS. “This will increase our reputation even more in Poland and allow us to gain more exposure in regions with multiple mine operations. This project shows how well-established MRS is around the world, as we are continually deploying our advanced solutions.”

Sobieski coal mine required 10km of an advanced communication system including diagnostics capability, with ability for future expansion to cover approximately 50km of mine tunnels.

“This is a typical installation for MRS. Our MultiCOM underground intelligence solution not only provides Sobieski the voice and diagnostics requirements but it enables them to upgrade and expand the system easily and cost-effectively in the future,” explained Cindy Chesney GM of MRS Canada.

MRS MultiCOM underground intelligence solution with diagnostics gives Sobieski the voice, video and data channels necessary to meet their current operational requirements and can be upgraded and expanded quickly and
economically. The MulitCOM solutions’ advanced diagnostic amplifiers allow Sobieski to troubleshoot and solve system problems remotely and quickly without the loss of production.

The MultiCOM solution is an excellent choice for operators that require an economical, performance-driven solution that supports advanced mining and tunneling applications.