The construction project of a coal terminal in the sea port of Ust-Luga set up by JSC “Rosterminalugol” is one of the biggest projects implemented by a national private partnership – a cooperation of national and private organisations in recent years. Rosterminalugol, the former general building contractor for the port’s coal terminal is now the owner of the Ust-Luga coal terminal.

In consequence of its traditionally good connections in this market, it was possible for TAKRAF to follow the planning process right from the beginning. At conception stage of the new coal terminal in the Ust-Luga sea port (Leningrad Region) already TAKRAF’s specialists by technical consulting supported the design engineer of the institute LENMORNII-project, responsible for the planning. New ideas were developed to facilitate a reliable coal handling after erection of the complex.

Through a world wide tender TAKRAF was awarded with the first contract to supply:

  • One ship loader
  • Four conveyor systems
  • One wagon tippler car

…and started mounting the complex in September 2003.

The second contract was closed in December 2003, and comprised:

  • stacker/reclaimer
  • Five conveyor systems
  • One wagon-traversing carriage
  • One tumbler de-dusting system
  • One crushing plant

The erection of all equipment supplied by TAKRAF was completed by January 2006 when the second part of the complex was commissioned.

The coal terminal set up in the Baltic port of Ust-Luga is the first one on Russian territory where vessels up to 70,000 DWT can be loaded. The stockpile capacity of the coal terminal now amounts to 580,000 t and will be 790,000 tons in the final stage. The coal supplied to the terminal by rail is unloaded by a wagon tippler. Unloading, however, may be difficult in winter at freezing temperatures. That is why a defrosting tunnel equipped with modern infrared technology is set up. After unloading, the coal is transferred to the stockpile where two stacker/reclaimers, each with a capacity of 3500 t/h are employed. In the final project stage one more stacker and another reclaimer will be erected. The reclaiming capacity of the equipment with a boom length of 49.5m averages at 2,800 t/h.

Vessels with capacities between 3,000 DWT and 70,000 DWT can be loaded by help of a ship loader with a maximum capacity of 3500 t/h, and a 49.5 m long telescopic arm to load vessels up to 85,000 DWT will be provided in the final project stage. Both machines are designed with a special ‘spout’ ensuring optimum loading conditions for all hatches.

The terminal has two quays where two vessels can be loaded at the same time. One quay is 316 m, the other is 248m long. Parallel loading will be possible in the final stage with two ship loaders in place.

Recently, TAKRAF was awarded with a further contract for the expansion of the most modern Russian coal terminal. Within the scope of Ust-Luga’s coal terminal expansion and the third expansion stage to realise TAKRAF assured the most important and largest part of the project for the company.

Primarily, following equipment will be supplied:

  • One ship loader with tripper car
  • Seven conveyor systems for the wagon-tippler site and the sea-site
  • Diverse auxiliary equipment

The equipment is designed for a capacity of 3,500 tons per hour.
With the realisation of the third expansion stage the terminal that certainly is considered as Russia’s figurehead for its coal export towards west, reaches a yearly handling capacity of eight million tons coal. The commissioning of the expanded complex is designated for May 2009.