Increasing its overall performance and pressure capabilities, leading peristaltic pump manufacturer Watson-Marlow Bredel has launched the 520 LoadSure™ elements range. The combination of the tube element and pumphead design provides pressure performance up to 7
bar, offering the company new application opportunities and strengthening its position within the market.

The 520 LoadSure™ range has been designed to offer pumping pressures up to 7 bar, bolstering Watson-Marlow Bredel’s ability to directly compete against mechanical diaphragm pumps in the chemical, water and wastewater, print and food processing industries.

A key feature of the 520 Series pumps and patented LoadSure™ elements is that element change-over takes less than one minute, requiring no special skills and can be done by the operator.

520 cased and close coupled pumps already form the best selling range in the Watson-Marlow Bredel portfolio, providing the robustness and reliability needed by industrial process users. The IP66-rated 520UN/RE facilitates analogue operation, incorporates 24V industrial logic and volt free pump-status I/O and can be password protected. For full industrial connectivity, the 520DuN/RE possesses both comprehensive flow calibration and RS485-network options for
serial communications control by plc.

Zoe Craik, Watson-Marlow Bredel says: “The increased performance provided by the 520RE LoadSure™ elements means that we are able to widen our customer base for 520 pumps considerably and compete directly against our competitors in markets that we haven’t previously
operated in.”

“The ‘Value for Life’ cost provided upfront also means that customers will benefit from the knowledge that there are no installation ancillaries, hidden parts or maintenance overheads
associated with other pump types such as mechanical diaphragm pumps.”

As with all Watson-Marlow Bredel pumps, by containing all fluid within the tube at all times, never allowing it to come into contact with the pump mechanism, entrained gas is pumped with ease, plus corrosion and damage is restricted to the consumable tubing element. This helps provide predictable life costs for the pump as the tube is the only part that will need replacing.