The Association of Polish Electrical Engineers (SEP) granted a recommendation certificate to EMAG and awarded the company for its activity with a medal of 90-years of activity with SEP. Some EMAG employees and members of the SEP were also awarded.

The certificate of recommendation concerns short-run and piece-production of devices and systems within the domain of electrical engineering, automation and mining safety, engineering services (assemblage; installation, start-up of devices and systems, warranty and after-warranty coverage) and intangible services that consist in creation and designing of new devices, certificate and constructional examinations of devices, wires, mining cables, adaptation of devices to work in mining conditions, trainings for operators of devices, running, printing and publication as well as marketing activity.

The certificate is valid till 1 September 2012 and confirms that with regard to technical and organisational solutions, EMAG is well prepared and recommended to work in the above mentioned range.

Simultaneously the Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG was awarded with the Medal of 90-years of activity of SEP.

The Association of Polish Electrical Engineers is contributive to the development of Polish industry and Polish scientific knowledge relative to the widely understood electrical domain. The Association, further termed SEP, is a creative kind of organisation of scientific-technical character, a voluntary association of electricians of all specialties and people whose professional activity is connected with vastly understood electrical engineering as well as legal persons interested in the activity of SEP.