KPI-JCI’s FT3055 jaw crusher and FT200+ cone crusher took on a starring role in the 21 April episode of the Discovery Channel’s ‘What a Tool’ television show. The Discovery Channel series began airing on 14 April and features big tools from across the country, their necessity in everyday life and their unrivaled power. Each episode explores the use of massive tools through the eyes of the tool itself and their operators. With the FT3055 and the FT200 boasting over 100,000lbs and 80,000lbs respectively, these massive tools flaunt their impressive capabilities.

“I think the sheer volume of rock that can be crushed by these two machines is what will amaze the viewers,” said Mike Johnson, VP of sales and marketing for KPI-JCI. “It’s a better way to crush than in times past and other parts of the world.”

The quarry, located in Ridgecrest, California, hosted the production crew for 2.5 days in April of 2009. The crew spoke with the machine operators, KPI-JCI product managers and the quarry operators and KPI-JCI dealers, Cal-Crush / Maxim Equipment, to learn all there was to know about the FT3055 and the FT200+. The entire system located in the quarry also included a FT6203 track mounted horizontal screen and operated the FT3055 as the primary crusher. The featured system was steadily producing nearly 1.2 million pounds of rock per hour.

The FT3055 jaw crusher works very similar to a human jaw, crushing large rocks into small rocks with crushing capacity of up to 700 tons per hour. The FT200+ cone crusher acts more like a juicer in the regard that it gets pressed around a cylindrical plate and the rock is forced to break apart into smaller pieces which fall out of the bottom of the crusher at a rate of up to 400t/hr.

“These crushers are a valuable tool to any quarry operation, with the added technology of the hydraulic relief system on the cone, you just can’t go wrong,” added Johnson.

The television show runs Wednesday evenings at 9pm on the Discovery Channel. To watch the KPI-JCI episode of ‘What a Tool’ visit our YouTube channel.