Micronics Engineered Filtration has seen a significant increase in new orders, receiving this month over $1.6m for new filter presses to be used in the Merrill Crowe process. In addition to new machine sales, many mining installations are being upgraded, particularly in the precious metals field.

The company has recorded a similar increase in inquiries received for its mining process filters as well as the fully automatic Ishigaki Lasta MC machine, used for high speed cycling of concentrate and tailings filter cake.

Micronics manufactures filter presses that are ideal for any pressure filtration application. Micronics provides filter plates for all models of pressure filters and will design plates to improve operations.

The company’s service division is working with mining customers worldwide to upgrade and provide spare parts for existing filter presses requiring service or refurbishment; including Metso , Larox, Lasta and IPM machines due for updating.

Both OEM and redesigned parts are provided for this service. Qualified technicians are available for site review of existing equipment and process conditions to provide recommendations.

For more information, please visit the Micronics website.