MICA ML-800 ATEX – new high power LED lamp for potentially explosive atmosphere.

The new MICA ML-800 ATEX is a first hand lamp that uses high power LED technology for explosive environments. Instead of an ordinary bulb, the lamp uses a Luxeon® high power LED with a service life of ca. 100,000 hours which means you can say farewell to bulb changes. Light output of the special LED corresponds to a three-watt halogen bulb. The lamp is equipped with an environmentally friendly NiMH battery whose continuous operating time is more than seven hours. The shock resistant cover is manufactured completely of antistatic plastic and aluminum and its enclosure class is IP 66. The lamp boasts unparallel electronics, versatile functions and a robust structure!

Advanced electronics of ML-800 ATEX prevent deep discharge of the battery and indicate low battery charge with a clear capacity indicator. The electronics controlled by a microcontroller protect the battery from deep discharges and warn the user of low battery charge by flashing the light beam when there is 30 minutes of operating time left. The beam will begin to flash more rapidly when there is only five minutes left.

The lamp must be stored and charged in a MICA MLC charging holder. The charger stand can be attached to a vehicle battery (12…24VDC) or to mains current by using a MICA IL-1 AC/DC adapter. The MLC fast charger will charge the battery from empty to full in less than three hours.

MICA ML-800 ATEX is fully compliant with the Cenelec requirements for standards EN 50 014 and EN 50 020 as well as with ATEX classification Eex ib IIC T4. The lamp has been issued a certificate for explosive environments by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, VTT 04 ATEX 062X.