The biggest Chinese institute engaged in mining problems and energy issues has bought EMAG-created mobile seismic apparatus, PASAT M. This is the second implementation of the device abroad.

The apparatus was implemented in July 2009 by Moscow’s Research Institute for Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources of the Russian Academy Sciences (IPKON RAN). The institute uses the device to conduct comprehensive seismic research on the area of Russia.

Another purchaser and user of PASAT M is China Coal Research Institute in Beijing, currently the biggest research institute of Chinese coal industry. The Institute will use the device to detect and analyse hazards in Chinese coal mines.

The apparatus enables seismic signals measurement, data acquisition and transmission of digital converted seismic data (and their further processing). The device allows for assessment of strata stresses and their changes in space and time, determining of geologic heterogeneity near the working front, identifying of places for proper probes fixing in geophysical prospecting and identifying of soil properties for constructional works.

In September the invention was granted the main award in the ‘safety improvement’ category at the Innovative Solutions for Mining Machines and Devices Construction competition.

The PASAT M mobile intrinsically safe seismic apparatus was also granted silver medal at the Brussels Eureka competition in 2009.