Safemine, a worldwide leader in collision avoidance technology, has recently been profiled in the February edition of the Mining Magazine in a segment called Traffic Management.

The article highlights how accidents involving Mining Vehicles remain a major issue for global mining companies, to an extent where it costs the industry billions of US dollars a year.

Safemine’s collision avoidance system was prominently featured in the article and an example of a recent deployment at an anglo thermal coal project was used to explain how the system was considered to be a very viable option in the need for improving traffic safety at the mine.

Some of the key features of the Safemine collision avoidance system include:

  • 360° protection at any speed and any visibility (no blind spots)
  • Typical 500m range (no line of sight required)
  • Operators ‘see’ vehicles before they are dangerous
  • Smart alarms use i.e. position, speed, heading (not only distance)
  • No radio or IT infrastructure required
  • Works on all mine vehicles (haul trucks, shovels, dozers, LDV’s, etc.)

For more information on Safemine, please refer to the Health and Safety Services equipment section on the Mining Technology page.