Mining operations in East Africa are set to benefit from the latest laser mapping technology following the purchase of a high-specification laser scanner by Kenyan firm Ramani Geosystems.

Supplied by UK-based 3D Laser Mapping, the Riegl LMS Z420i scanner can map the terrain in 3D up to 1,000m away with an accuracy of 10mm. Thought to be the first high-performance terrestrial laser scanner in the region, the scanner’s rugged design is ideally suited for use in challenging environments.

Ramani Geosystems is a multi-disciplinary geospatial services company based in Nairobi. The company purchased the laser scanner in order to widen their portfolio of surveying solutions, deliver high-end surveying services to existing clients and provide access to new markets.

“We began looking at terrestrial laser scanners as there was a gap in the market, with no other scanners in the region, and a growing demand for detailed information due to the amount of infrastructure development in Africa,” commented Daniel Haywood, managing director of Ramani Geosystems.

“Having been guided by 3D Laser Mapping we selected this device as it offered excellent performance combined with a durable design suitable for the challenging environments in which we will be operating,” Mr Haywood added.

The Riegl LMS Z420i supplied by 3D Laser Mapping consists of a high-performance, long-range laser scanner, with a measurement range of 2m – 1,000m and an accuracy of 10mm, with associated operating and processing software and a calibrated and accurately oriented and mounted high-resolution digital camera. The system collects data that lends itself to automatic or semi-automatic processing of scan and image data to generate products such as textured triangulated surfaces or orthophotos with depth information.

Ramani Geosystems is a geospatial company operating in the region of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia. It provides an extensive array of professional land surveying services, remote sensing data acquisition (aerial photography and satellite imagery) and GIS and mapping services. It is hoped the acquisition of the LMS Z420i will help the company meet the growing demand for detailed survey measurements from clients in the mining, engineering, agricultural and infrastructure sectors.