The highly successful LASTA mining concentrate (MC) filter press distributed by Micronics is successfully
dewatering mine tailings and mineral concentrates throughout the world. A proven workhorse in
extreme environments operating 24/7, there are over 100 machines in service worldwide, many with
over 20 years of trouble-free operation.

The recent repeat order for a LASTA MC filter press from Gammon Gold, Mexico increases the company’s existing capacity by 34% and will be
installed in mid 2010.

Ishigaki’s Sakaide, Japan factory designs and
produces the LASTA MC; a technology which
plays such an important role for the reliable
economic dewatering of mineral concentrates
and for sustainable practices handling mine
tailings. Ishigaki filter presses are known for
their ability to filter short cycles and discharge
filter cakes faster than conventional machines.

Ishigaki is the only present
manufacturer of fully automatic filters capable
of running operator-free on mining and industrial process sites utilising two novel methods of handling
the filter cake discharge – the MC for mining applications and SD model for process applications.

Three large, heavy-duty models are offered: 1.5m x 2m, 2.1m x 2.1m and 2.1m x 2.9m plate size, providing
optimum sizing opportunities that will dewater tailings to 14% moisture and mineral concentrates to
optimal 8% cake moisture.