MTF supplies a full line of crushing plants including stationary, semi-mobile or fully mobile plants with tiretrack or hydraulic walking systems and provides solutions incorporating primary crushing plants for high capacities in almost all site conditions.

The first large-scale relocatable primary crushing plant with a gyratory 60-89 was supplied to the Escondida copper mine in Chile in 1995. Crushing plant and surge bin (after the discharge conveyor) are made of steel, and the plant has a capacity of 5750 t/h. The service weight is 1,670t.

In 1996 MTF received another large order for two semi-mobile plants in the Chuquicamata copper mine in Chile. These plants with a service weight of 1,410t each are utilizing gyratories 60-109 and have a capacity of 5,757t/h each. In contrast to the Escondida plant, these plants were installed on fill, requiring a great deal of expenditure to erect the retaining walls. The contract also included the crusher discharge conveyors and the surge bins.

In 1997, MTF was awarded a relocatable crushing plant with the associated conveyor and stacking system in Sonora, Mexico also for copper ore.

Unlike the plants already mentioned, the surge bin was arranged right underneath the crushing plant, which has a service weight of 850t and utilizes a gyratory 60-89 with a capacity of 3,600t/h.

In 1997 another order for two semi-mobile crushing plants in Siberia, Russia was received. Service weight is 440t each and the capacity is 3,600t/h each. The scope included two twin-shaft sizers, fed by an apron feeder for overburden and one spreader with related tripper car. The plant must operate at temperatures as low as -40°C

In 2002 another order for the Escondida copper mine was awarded to MTF. This crushing plant has a service weight of 1,190t, a capacity of 8,800t/h and utilizes a gyratory 60-113. The surge bin was designed right underneath the crushing plant which also served as a foundation for the plant.

Also in 2002 a large scale crushing plant for 5,600t/h (gyratory 60-113) and with a service weight of 1,995t was supplied to the Grasberg copper mine in Indonesia. It is also a plant with direct feeding. A steel surge bin was located underneath the crushing plant in a recess cut in the wall.

A special challenge in the design of the crushing plant for the Collahuasi copper mine in 2003 was its location at an altitude of 4,600m above sea level in Chile. The plant has a service weight of 1,360t and a capacity of 8,500t/h (gyratory 60-113). As with all plants previously supplied to Chile, potential earthquake and seismic conditions were of major consideration.

In 2003 another contract for a large crushing plant with a jaw crusher for an iron ore mine was awarded from Brazil. The three modules of the plant (dumping module, crusher module and discharge conveyor) have a service weight of 810t and the capacity is 5,700t/h.

Last year another order for a semi-mobile plant in granite was received from Midland Quarry Products/England for the Old Cliffe Hill Quarry. The plant has a service weight of 865t and operates a gyratory 54-77 at a capacity of 2,500t/h. The dump hopper is completely enclosed. The service crane reaches all elements in the hopper area through a shutter door.

MTF’s goal is to supply field proven, reliable, state of the art mining and materials handling equipment that provides for lowest cost per ton of material moved. We have the experience and capability to assist clients in assessing the various operating alternatives and in determining the most attractive technical and commercial solutions.