John Meunier, subsidiary of Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies, is pleased to announce that it will be responsible
for the commercialization in Canada of the Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) technology from AnoxKaldnes.

Acquired in August 2007 by Veolia Water Systems and Technologies,
AnoxKaldnes is led by the internationally renowned researcher Thomas Welander.

AnoxKaldnes has a strong culture of research and development and innovation driven technologies. The MBBR technology is a robust attached growth biological wastewater treatment that is less expensive than conventional biological treatment. The result of much
research work, an engineered plastic media is used to promote fixed biomass.

This makes for an easy-to-operate, efficient, biological wastewater treatment that does not require any recirculation of the mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS). The MBBR technology can be used for the treatment of both carbonaceous and
nitrogenous pollution, in both municipal environments (lagoons, activated sludges, etc…) or in an industrial setting (food and beverage industry, landfill leachate, etc.).

“We are very excited at the idea of presenting the AnoxKaldnes MBBR technology to the Canadian wastewater market. We believe that the strong experience of AnoxKaldnes in MBBR design, its 400 worldwide references, including in cold water, and strong track record in execution, will bring a lot of value to municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plant operators throughout
Canada,” confirms Alain Gadbois, Vice-President, Technology of John Meunier.

The main applications of the MBBR technologies are:

  • BAS: an optimally designed combination of an MBBR stage followed
    by an activated sludge stage
  • HYBASTM/IFAS: the activated sludge process and the MBBR biofilm
    process combined into one
  • LagoonGuardTM: provides a well-designed supplementary MBBR after
    a lagoon which will polish the ammonium load and may even provide
    additional COD removal