Voith Turbo, Start-up Components, prepared an animation depicting the fluid coupling type TVVS and its function.

The TVVS coupling is a very reliable driving component regarding to constructional as well as to hydrodynamic aspects.

The essential properties of the TVVS-coupling:

– Extremely smooth start-up procedure due to enlarged delay chamber and annular chamber.

– The torque built-up during start-up adjusts to the load, fully automatically, without external action, due to the hydrodynamic design only.

– Relatively big quantity of operating fluid in the coupling allows high starting frequency.

– The TVVS-coupling is available in various designs, for operating fluid oil as well as water. Depending on the coupling size a power transmission of 30 up to 1200 kW can be realized.

Due to these properties the TVVS coupling is the best suitable drive element for:

– High-quality drives in mechanical handling, especially long belt conveyors.

– Drives with high-inertia machines requiring electrical supply system relief (soft start).

– Drives where a load-dependent built-up of torque substantially protects the components.

The TVVS animation comprises two parts:

A 3D intro presenting a conveyor drive with TVVS coupling and a 2D animation, simulating a start-up with loaded and unloaded conveyor.

Please order the CD-ROM with the entire animation (in 8 languages!)