Mine Radio Systems (MRS), the global leader in advanced integration of communication and safety solutions for confined spaces, has announced that Mineracao Caraiba, located in Jaguarari, Bahia, Brazil, has upgraded its current FLEXCOM communication solution to include advanced diagnostics, monitoring and remote control capabilities.

MRS, along with its value-added partner Eletron Eletricidade Telecomunicacoes, worked very closely with Mineracao Caraiba to create a system that not only satisfied their current application needs but enabled them to satisfy their expansion requirements in years to come.

“The hardest part of this deployment wasn’t creating a system that performed to their requirements but creating one that won’t require a complete overhaul when future expansion was critical,” said Ken Morrell, president of MRS.

Mineracao Caraiba required installation of advanced diagnostics in a pre-existing system that did not support diagnostic capabilities. Mineracao Caraiba rapid mine expansion created an opportunity to increase its current communications / safety offerings and to deploy a solution that can be the foundation of future growth.

“MRS solutions are designed to meet every operators applications needs. Our solutions are unique in that
they can be integrated into any current system without the loss of production. With our advanced communications and safety integration capabilities, MRS is far exceeding our
clients and customers expectations,” Cindy Chesney, GM of MRS-Canada.

MRS was able to install its fixed gain MultiCOM amplifiers with diagnostics in the current FLEXCOM system providing Mineracao Caraiba the ability to diagnose and
trouble-shoot problem areas from their control room. With this specific installation, MRS was able to provide Mineracao Caraiba with a unique remote fan control system.
These two systems allow Mineracao Caraiba to decrease operational costs with fan automation and increase productivity through ventilation control.

“We take pride in every project and deployment we complete around the world. Our goal is to help operators increase their profitability, safety and reduce system down-time,” concluded Ken Morrell.