KPI-JCI Series 7000 classifying tanks incorporate patented design features ensuring efficient operation and maximum profit per TPH processed. The patented tank design eliminates the need for internal stiffeners, which reduces turbulence and greatly increases the settling efficiency within the tank resulting in more efficient gradation splits, improved material utilization, and more profit per ton processed. The self-supporting design also allows for flexibility in positioning of the dewatering equipment under the classifying tank.

Additional design improvements such as the exclusive systems monitoring feature and 24V DC components improve the reliability of the electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic systems and provide the operational status of the system in real-time including fault indication. When necessary, which is rare, the fault indication capabilities ensure that the operator can identify and resolve problems within the system in a timely manner reducing downtime and improving the overall efficiency of the classifying tank. These features also improve the accuracy of the data gathered and recorded by the controller allowing the user to operate the tank at maximum efficiency.

KPI-JCI washing and classifying product manager, Jeff Wendte, stated: “Understanding how the classifying tank is operating is the key to maximizing production in the most efficient manner. The data gathered and recorded by the system ensures that the operator has all of the information needed to make operational adjustments for consistent production of in-spec sand products. And by creating a more efficient process, you’ll improve your bottom line as well.”

KPI-JCI Washing equipment also features stainless steel hydraulic plumbing tubing with o-ring face seal fittings which come with a three-year leak free guarantee for improved service life and a virtually leak free operation. Combine that with a 24V DC operation that provides enhanced monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities and you have got a system that is more reliable and operational than conventional 120V AC systems.