To help mine managers to better understand how the new TruckLogic™ haul truck operator training curriculum can pay off in a typical mine, VISTA Training has recently developed a demonstration lesson that provides an inside look at the program’s content and advantages. Utilizing screens from the actual computer-based training program, this 20-minute visual demonstration showcases:

  • The key safety and productivity issues that TruckLogic covers
  • How a combination of still images, video and animation are used to effectively teach key haul truck operating tasks
  • How this innovative training curriculum is uniquely designed to meet the needs of adult learners
  • How the computer-based training modules of TruckLogic are integrated with its other key elements – PC-based simulation and on-the-job training tools
  • How this task-focused training program can be supplemented with machine-specific training modules on any truck model in your fleet

In short, this lesson is a fast-paced visual overview that provides a solid picture of the instructional design and high-quality production that went into creating this unique and uniquely effective training program. Most importantly, you’ll better understand why your mine needs to invest in this new model of operator training.

TruckLogic is an innovative new haul truck operator training curriculum produced by VISTA Training. It is designed to help mines to train new haul truck operators faster, at a lower cost, and more effectively than traditional instructor-led training, while also improving safety in the mine. This new web-based curriculum is the first of its kind in the mining industry.

TruckLogic combines web-based training, simulation and on-the-job tools into a comprehensive curriculum that is designed with adult learners in mind. Based on a blended learning model, it helps operators to retain what they’ve learned better than traditional classroom-style training.