Dust Stop is a dust control solution that effectively eliminates unwanted fugitive dust from dirt roads or unpaved roads.

  • Dust Stop is 100% environmentally friendly
  • Dust Stop is effective on any soil type
  • Dust Stop is resistant to breakdown by enzymes and UV rays

How does it work?

Dust Stop is mixed with water and applied topically to the road or soil. Once Dust Stop has dried a film forms on the road, helping to eliminate the dust from traffic and environmental elements. Dust Stop also provides soil stabilization properties. The product is non-corrosive and will not harm the trucks used for application or any vehicles using Dust Stop treated roads. Dust Stop has been used on haul, logging and secondary roads as well as many other situations that require dust control and suppression.

Dust Stop is effective in dry weather and will not run-off in the rain. It works well on dry gravel roads and is strong enough to withstand heavy haul truck traffic. In short, it is environmentally friendly and it works.

Dust Stop is available in powder form, allowing for easier transportation and storage when compared to traditional liquid dust suppressant products. The concentrated form of Dust Stop allows for easy mixing and application and performs better than any other powder dust suppressant on the market.