Delkor Technik has signed a representatives agreement contract with Bakor Filter Ceramics for the sale of Bakor products in the Delkor Global sales territories.

Bakor offers sophisticated technology in the use of ceramic membranes for filtration, and partnered with Delkor’s in depth filtration and market experience offers our clients the opportunity to access some interesting new innovations. The products include the ceramic disc filters and polishing ceramic filters.

Ceramic disc filters are relatively well known in the industry, and Bakor technology offers significant benefits using its unique patented ceramic pore technology that gives end users higher productivity compared to that seen in similar designs.

The treatment of process solutions for all metallurgical, chemical, industrial and toxic waste flow sheets require the most efficient and cost effective equipment.

The polishing ceramic filter responds to that challenge and offers the best practice liquid/solid separation filter.

The polishing ceramic filter is a heavy duty, vertical pressure vessel designed to pressure vessel international standards.